On March 23, between 18-21 (6-9 pm), we welcome you to a preview of our very first group show at Anohaao Gallery. Participating artists of the exhibition are:

Arthur Brouthers
Frida Johansson
Kim Berkhuizen
Emma Lindström
Mirjam Ekespong
Reginald Hager

At 20h00 (8 pm) Danilo Borgerth (http://danilo-borgerth.tumblr.com/) will play some beautiful guitar for us. Also, there will be refreshments! As usual this will be a magical evening that you don’t want to miss!

See you there!

Living Colour, and exhibition by Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag.

Between February 17 – March 17, Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag shows new and selected paintings at Anohaao Gallery in the exhibition ‘Living Colour’. Opening on February 17, between 1-4 pm.

Read more about the exhibition here.

So, we’re back after the holidays, starting off the new year with a fantastic, vibrant exhibition by Margarita Iribarren Ingelhammar!


Encuentros is the Spanish word for meetings. With roots in the Argentinian Patagonia and a life in Sweden, the exhibition reflects on the meeting between two worlds. Through a dialogue between forms, colours, and textures, impressions of two different places is explored; places that on opposite sides of the earth have both similarities and differences. In flora & fauna, in the urban city and on the oceanside, there are stories that have never been told.

Margarita Iribarren Ingelhammar (1978) was born and raised in Argentina, where she graduated from the Art School Martin Malharro in Mar Del Plata in the year 2000. Since 2008 Margarita lives and works in Gothenburg, and with seven years in Spain (2001-2008) she has had several group and solo shows in Argentina, Spain and Sweden.

The exhibition runs from January 13th through February 10th.

More info on the artist: Margarita Iribarren Ingelhammar

The end of 2017 is closing in, and our first season as an art gallery is coming to an end. On December 16, we are therefore throwing a little party at the gallery. This evening there are many causes for celebration:

– Emma Lindström’s first show at the gallery is closing (well, officially on December 21, but almost…), and some paintings have moved on and new ones have replaced them. So even if this is the finissage of her exhibition, there’s still a chance to see some new artworks!
Denver, Colorado, the fantastic solo project of sound wizard and all around nice guy Simeon Pappinen Hillert, is playing live for the first time ever at the gallery! Live at 8 pm.
– Christmas is coming, right? So let’s throw that into the mix as well! It’s always nice to have three points in a list.

So, come by the gallery between 6-9 pm on Saturday, December 16, and celebrate good times (come on)!

The Eco-Pot Project

Emma Lindström – Ueleiini III, 90×90 cm

You now have the opportunity to purchase an original artwork by Emma Lindström, while at the same time help fund The Eco-Pot Project, which aims to improve the lives of Himalayan women and girls by building eco-toilets in the Gagas River Basin, near Ranikhet, Uttarakhand. The eco-toilets will provide the women and girls with safe sanitation, and reduce the polluting effects of the current lack of toilet facilities on local ecosystems. The Eco-Pot Project will alleviate the pressures on women associated with a lack of safe and clean sanitation facilities.

One of Emma’s artworks is already sold, but you still have the chance to get Ueleiini III (90×90 cm, mixed media on canvas), as seen in the image above. Learn more, and pledge your support here:

Thank you!