After two years and twelve outstanding exhibitions with artists from Europe and the USA, Anohaao Gallery has now moved from the physical space at Kastellgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden. This site, and some activities, will remain active, but there will be no more physical exhibitions until further notice. A huge thank you to all the artists we’ve had the honor to work with, and all the people who visited and supported us these past couple of years. We’ll see you again in the future!


Emma & Richard

On January 19th, we’re back with a new exciting exhibition; an audiovisual collaboration between Emma Lindström, Canigou & acoustician Jonas Karlberg.


Music: 00:07:46. Artworks/loudspeakers: 145×105 cm. 2019.

Artwork by Emma Lindström. Music by Canigou (Emma & Richard Lindström) & Jonas Karlberg. Electro acoustic design by Jonas Karlberg. Mixed in surround sound by Marcus Andersson.

Welcome to an immersive experience of art and music intertwined, where Emma Lindström’s art meets the music of Canigou & Jonas Karlberg.
Music and art have always been equally strong passions for Emma. Apart from playing music herself for most of her life, she sees her artworks as interpretations of the music that speaks to her the most. In this exhibition, both of these worlds unite to enforce and elevate the experience of the other.
The electro acoustic design is developed by acoustician Jonas Karlberg. Five bending wave loudspeakers, or distributed mode loudspeakers, have been built as a foundation on which Emma’s signature style artworks have been mounted. The artworks were created with mixed media on canvas, and the loudspeakers are built out of foam board, asphalt and exciters from Visaton. The music is composed with Emma’s imagery in mind, and the loudspeakers are tuned to ensure an optimal, embracing soundscape.

Opening on Saturday, January 19th, between 13-16 (1-4 pm) and 19-21 (7-9 pm).

Can hardly believe it, but we turn one year old, and we welcome you all to an evening of art, live music and good times to celebrate this with us!

The celebration will take place on November 17th, between 19-21 (7-9 pm). At 19.30 (7.30 pm) Pineal Glance will put on a live show for us that won’t soon be forgotten.

This day also marks the opening of the new group show “Dimensionalities“, with artists Sean Augustine March (USA), Emma Lindström and Maria Uleander.

For those of you who can’t make it to this event, we are also open to the public between 13-16 (1-4 pm) on November 17th. And Dimensionalities runs until December 15th.


We are so very excited to invite you to the opening of Arthur Brouthers’ solo show (and Swedish debut) Consciousness!

Arthur’s (Charlotte NC, USA) signature acrylic pouring technique has been an influence for many aspiring artists around the world. In recent years he’s been developing his technique further, incorporating portrait photography, and using resin to create multi-layered figurative, yet other-worldly, artworks.

Join us on the 8th of September for an opening in the artist’s presence. There will be two occasions, one between 13-16 (1-4pm), and one between 19-21 (7-9pm). The later will be with special musical guests.

Spray paint and oil marker on wood panel. 63,5×63,5 cm.

This Friday, May 18th, marks the opening of Jose Di Gregorio’s solo exhibition Noches En Galavision at Anohaao Gallery. Between 6-9 pm, you’ll be able to enjoy Jose’s art, and talk to him in person. And at 8 pm Jaguair (former Fantastic) will be playing live.

Jose Di Gregorio is an interdisciplinary artist whose paintings and murals focus on intricate geometric patterns with a combination of vivid gradient colors and celestial nightscapes. The work depicts ethereal themes, and is often reminiscent of kaleidoscopes and tracers from acid trips, fluctuating between order and chaos.

Jose has completed murals and exhibitions including Mexico City, Helsinki, Canada, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami, respectively.

Jose studied at Pont-Aven Contemporary Art School in Pont-Aven, France and received his BFA in painting from Herron School of Art and Design in 2006. He was born in Puerto Rico and lives in Sacramento, California.

Opening on the 18th of May, between 6-9 pm, in the artist’s presence.

Live music: Jaguair (former Fantastic!).

From Jose’s live painting session at Mariaplan, Gothenburg, May 12th.

As Jose Di Gregorio‘s solo exhibition Noches En Galavision is rapidly approaching, he will do a live painting session at Plaskis, Mariaplan, on Saturday the 12th of May, starting at 13:00 (1 pm). The pieces created at the event will later be included in Jose’s exhibition at Anohaao Gallery, which opens on Friday the 18th of May, between 18-21 (6-9 pm).


The live painting will be held in connection to skateboarding contest Gold School, arranged by Gatuplan, and is made possible with the generous support of the Culture Committee of Gothenburg City.




Anohaao Gallery present Better Together, an exhibition by Dan Lam & Sean Newport.

Sean Newport is a San Francisco based artist whose work varies from design to sculpture. Sean was a original creators of Engine Works, an artist collective founded in 2010 in San Francisco’s historic Mission district. Working primarily as a woodworker, Sean has honed his skills as a carpenter to fine artist over the past 5 years. Conceptually, his sculptures deal with perceived notions of reality and the idea of creating a digital aesthetic through analogue processes. To achieve this, Sean manipulates wood into three-dimensional shapes, then paints and arranges them into a vibration of glowing patterns, the result is a mesmerizing display of geometric design.

A major objective in Sean’s work is to manipulate color and light in a way that bends reality. Each shape is individual and creates a perception within itself. When multiplied, the multitude of these shapes’ peaks and valleys cast shadows on one side and illuminate colors from another. Each angle of perception changes the pattern; any directional light shift alters the shapes differently and dramatically. Sean is fascinated by the way perception and consciousness behave when confronted with optical controversy. Exploring how our brains react to optical falsehoods, his work enables us to delve deeper into reality’s notions that are inherently rooted within ourselves.

Dan Lam was born in the Philippines to Vietnamese refugee parents. The small family made their way to Texas when she was just a baby and established in Houston. Later, she and her mother would move to Dallas, TX. Always one to follow her intuition and passion, she pursued an academic path in the fine arts. Dan obtained her Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in the fall of 2010 and went on to a Master’s program in Fine Arts at Arizona State University, graduating in the spring of 2014.

Dan Lam creates otherworldly, vibrant colored sculptures by using polyurethane foam, acrylics and epoxy resin. The result is remarkably eye-catching and has an illusionistic appearance that plays with the senses of the beholder.


The exhibition runs between April 14th – May 12th. Opening on Saturday, April 14th, between 13-16 (1-4 pm).

Welcome to an open preview of the show on Friday, April 13th, between 18-21 (6-9 pm). DJ: Olof Heinö, Live music: Ryan Edmond (at 20h00).

Emma Lindström will be holding a workshop at Nordiska Akvarellmuseet (the Nordic Watercolour Museum) on the 2nd of April, during Akvarellfesten (the watercolour fest). It’s free and open for all, however with a limited number of spots for Emma’s workshop. Welcome!

More info (in Swedish):