14-18 Aug: SPECTRUM

Anohaao Gallery present a collection of selected work from our artists during the Gothenburg Culture Festival and Euro Pride.

Spectrum will include work by Dan Lam, Jose Di Gregorio, Emma Lindström, Sean Newport and Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag.

Opening hours:

14 Aug: 17-20

15 Aug: 12-18

16 Aug: 12-18

17 Aug: 12-18, and a special live music event between 19-22 with performances by Killer Kid Mozart (Oslo, Norway), Patrycja Wiktoria (Stockholm), Onsdag (Gothenburg) and Jag & Ellen (Gothenburg). RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/1790265947734049/

18 Aug: 13-16

8 Sep – 6 Oct: Consciousness, Arthur Brouthers

Poised by Arthur Brouthers

Opening on the 8th of September, 1-4 pm (13-16). We are also open on the evening of the 8th between 7-9 pm (19-21), with live music at 8 pm (20:00).

13 Oct – 3 Nov: Frida Johansson

Opening on the 13th of October.