17 Nov – 15 Dec: Dimensionalities (group show)

Anohaao Gallery present Dimensionalities, a group show with the artists Sean Augustine March (New York, USA), Emma Lindström and Maria Uleander.

Sean Augustine March creates iridescent, kaleidoscopic sculptures that plays with light and form optical illusions. His work has been featured in Vogue and Interior Design. This will be Sean’s first exhibition in Sweden.

Emma Lindström has exhibited her vivid abstract artworks worldwide. For this exhibition she will focus on her work on Plexiglas, a material which gives her work more of a 3D effect, since the Plexiglas is painted on both sides making each side interact with the other. This material also allows for light to pass through and become an important part of the artwork.

Maria Uleander is a Swedish textile artist. She works with multi-layered fabric, which is assembled to form geometrical 3D patterns.