NIDEJ works with abstract interpretation of the human form. He wants to offer a unique perspective on the power, grace, and emotional depth contained within the human form.

For NIDEJ painting is a journey –  one that, at times, triggers experiences that alter his view of extistence. Painting, he describes, is “a trip that takes me to places I have not visited before, and that can only be accessed by brush, paint, canvas and the inner me… I find a great zeal and joy to work with portraits.”

His acrylic-on-canvas portraits burst with color, and yet, they are not simply bold for bold’s sake – underneath the vivid kaleidoscope of hues NIDEJ splashes onto the contours of each face is a striking depth, a hint at a secret longing, regret, or thrill. One dive into the Eyes of his subjects and you’ll be transported.

Nisse NIDEJ Ottenhag was born in 1976 in the small Swedish town Lilla Edet, lives and works in Trollhättan. He teaches art since 2002 and has exhibited in countries like Monaco, France, USA, Namibia and Sweden.