Contemporary art gallery - Anohaao Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden

About us

Anohaao Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in central Gothenburg, Sweden. Aiming to exhibit art that first and foremost feels, that takes the route through the heart before it reaches the analytical part of of the human experience, we wish to provide a creative platform that is accessible and welcome to everyone.

With long experience in social media marketing, as well as a solid understanding of the importance of a strong digital presence, we are an art gallery that is well equipped to navigate the ever-changing and continuously global art market. This, and our experience in fine art logistics, makes us able to represent, exhibit and sell artwork from artists around the world. While acknowledging the importance of the local art scene, we believe that by also bringing international art and artists to the art gallery, we can help stimulate and breathe new life into local art and artists as well.

Artist-run gallery

Invest in art

In the premises of the art gallery you also find the studio of artist Emma Lindström, who is co-owner of the gallery. Having the personal insight into and experience of the artist’s situation on the global art market, we always have the artist’s perspective and best interest at heart. The other half of the management consists of Emma’s husband, Richard Lindström, who manages the day-to-day operations of the gallery.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in acquiring an original piece of art from any of our artists. We ship worldwide and payment plans are an option for certain artworks. Have a look at the artist pages and browse through what we have available at the moment. Most artists are also available for commissions.